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Awake Inner Wisdom Cards

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AWAKE: Inner Wisdom Cards is a personal growth and development deck with modern packaging elements such as soft touch finish and spot gloss highlights. A magnetic closure box is the perfect retail-ready solution. Holographic gold foil edging on cards adds a luxe detail. This product is a collaborative effort of wellness-minded people coming together to produce a useful, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing tool. The team developed each card and element of the package with care and creativity buzzing through them. Ink Illustration by Milan DelVecchio Graphic Design/Illustration by Kara Tuckerman Art Direction/Writing by Chelsea Cutrell Includes: -44 cards: 22 Sumi ink illustrations and 22 digital illustrations with affirmations -1 guidebook: expands insight on each affirmation with graphic icons, poetry, and clever statements -1 clear quartz crystal point: for intention setting, clearing, and charging the cards in the deck Back Cover: AWAKE: Inner Wisdom Cards is a set of 44 unique cards + guidebook designed to help you utilize inner guidance and inspiration to live to your highest potential. The cards balance grounded advice by delivering messages through whimsical tone and bold artwork. Enjoy haiku poems and fortune cookie style statements that accompany each affirmation. Blending modern and ancient styles of art through rich Sumi ink illustrations and crisp graphics, this timeless deck calls you to be truly AWAKE. All original artwork was carefully created to convey messages to brighten your day and to give insight into more esoteric subjects. A natural clear quartz point is included in the deck to activate and clear the cards before each use and to help you set positive intentions for your daily ceremonies. Size: 6.75″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″


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