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Shea Butter Bath Bombs -BB- Rainbows & Unicorns

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We aren't just fizz and fragrance like the rest of the fizzies that you'll find out there. Our bath bombs turn your bath into a fizzy moisturizing treat. Releasing shea butter and essential oils in a riot of fizzy bubbles into your bath to help you ease tension, de-stress, or simply enjoy a luxurious bath. Our bombs are about the size of a baseball, and big enough for two (Note - due to their handmade nature, no two bombs are alike! They will vary in color with every batch. )   Scent - The same incredible fragrance in our best selling Detox Scrub and Silk Soap, now here for you in a fabulous bath bomb.  With the sultry scent of black currant, bergamot, cassis, and cypress and loaded with detoxifying Kaolin Clay, this is sure to be a new favorite!   


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